The History of Leith

April 1, 2011

Early Leith Advertisment

On Christmas Eve 1663 Scotland’s first newspaper, the Kingdom’s Intelligencer—also produced at the Citadel carried an advertisement:
” A Remarkable Advertisement to the Country and Strangers. That there is a Glass-house erected on the Citadel of Leith, where all sorts and quantities are made and sold at the prices following, to wit, the wine glass at three shillings two boddels, the beer glass at two shillings six pence; the quart bottel at eighteen shillings, the pynt bottel at nine shillings, the chopin bottel at four shillings six pence, the muskin (mutchkin) bottel at two shillings sixpence, all Scots money, and so forth of all sorts, conform to the proportion of the glass; better stuff and stronger than is imported.”

Source-Old Leith at Work

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