The History of Leith

March 31, 2011

St Nicholas

Among the last authentic notices of St. Nicholas’s chapel is one in connection with the death of Mr. Muirhead, the first minister of North Leith after the Reformation, who in 1612, we are told, died in his upper chamber in the old manse of St. Ninian, which still stands beside the church, “and was buried in St. Nicholas’s Chapel on Friday thairafter at the west gavel.” But workmen in digging trenches for drains and other works in and
about the foot of Dock Street, a thoroughfare that has displaced the ancient St. Nicholas’s Wynd, often uncover the bones of those who found their last resting-place in
the old churchyard of St. Nicholas so many centuries ago, and wonder how they came to be there.

Source-The Story of Leith

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