The History of Leith

March 23, 2011

The Abbey Hill

AT the Abbey Hill, an old house—in that antiquated but once fashionable suburb, which grew up in the vicinity of the palace of Holyrood—with groups of venerable trees around it, which are now, like itself, all swept away to make room for the present Abbeyhill station and railway to Letth, there lived long the Hon. Fletcher Norton, appointed one
of the Barons of the Scottish Exchequer in 1776, with a salary of £2,865 per annum, deemed a handsome income in those days,
He was the second son of Fletcher Norton of Grantley in Yorkshire, who was Attorney-General of England in 1767, and was elevated to the British peerage in 1782, as Lord Gmntley,

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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