The History of Leith

March 19, 2011

Attempted theft in Leith

A Scottish sailor, who had served on board the fleets during the war (1763) which ended in lhat year, arrived from London in a Leith ship, bringing with him “his all”—£109 in a chest On shore lie unwarily disclosed this fact, and a man who overheard him went to the vessel in the costume and character of a. porter, asserting that he had been sent for the chest. The crew, having no suspicion of fraud, gave him the latter, but being unused to burdens, the sham porter slipped of the plank with the chest, and fell into the harbour. Many hastened to his rescue ; among others, the owner of the chest, whose surprise was very great when it was fished Out of the water, and he found it to be his own.

The subsequent inquiry did not prove pleasant to the half drowned thied who was forthwith taken into custody and committed to the Leith Tolbooth

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