The History of Leith

March 18, 2011

The Twelve o’Clock Coach

The Tolbooth Wynd is about five hundred and. fifty feet in length, from where the old signal-tower stood, at the foot of the Kirkgate, to the site of a now removed building called Old Babylon, which stood upon the Shore.
The second old thoroughfare of 1eith was undoubtedly the picturesque Tolbooth Wynd, as the principal approach to the harbour, after it superseded the more ancient Burgess Close.
It was clown this street that, in the age when Lcith was noted lor its dark superstitions and eccentric inhabitants, the denizens therein, regularly on stormy nights or those preceding a storm, heard with horror, at midnight, the thundering noise of ” the twelve o’clock coach,” a great catafalque-looking vehicle, drivea by a tall, gaunt figure
without a head, drawn by black hoiso, also headless, and supposed to be occupied by a mysterious female.

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