The History of Leith

March 15, 2011

The Rev.John Logan

The Rev John Logan, the author of various poetical works, but known as the inglorious aad but lately-detected pirate of some manuscripts of Michael Bruce, the Scottish Kirk White, was appointed minister of this church in I?7J. He was certainly a highly-gifted man ; and though his name is, perhaps, forgotten in South Britain, he will be remembered in Scotland as long as her Church uses those beautiful Scripture paraphrases, the most solemn of which is the hymn, “The hour of my departure’s come.”
He was the son of a small fanner near Fala, and was bom in 1748- lie delivered a course of lectures in Edinburgh with much success, and had a tragedy called ” Runny mede ” acted in the theatre there, when, fortunately for him, the times were somewhat changed from those when the production of Home’s ” Douglas ” excited such a
grotesque ferment in the Scottish Church. He became latterly addicted to intemperance, the result of great mental depression, and, proceeding to London, lived by literary labour of various kinds, but did not long survive his transference to the metropolis, as he died in a lodging in Great Mariborongh Street on the 28th December, 1788,

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