The History of Leith

March 15, 2011

David Lindsay

The first Protestant minister of Lcith, at the settlement of the Reformation in 1560, was David Lindsay, who was Moderator of the Assembly in 155? and 1582, and who, in the year 1573, attended Sir Willyiam Kirkady of Grange on the scaffold.
He accompanied James VI. to Norway, married
him to Anne of Denmark, and baptised their sons : the Prince Henry, who died young, and the Duke of Albany, afterwards Charles I, So early as 1597 his inclination to episcopacy alienated him from his Presbyterian brethren; and in 1600, as a reward
for aiding the king in defence of his royal prerogative, he was made Bishop of Ross-
He was one of the only two clergymen in all Scotland who, as the royal command, prayed for the friendless and defenceless Mary, lie died at Leith in 1613 in his eighty-third year, and, says Spottiswood, was buried there ” by his own directions,
as desiring to rest with She people on whom he had taken great pains during his life.” He was the lineal descendant of Sir Walter Lindsay of Edieli, who fell at Flodden,

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