The History of Leith

March 13, 2011

The begging Hospitallers of St Anthony

Their preceptory at Leith was of the most magnificent description, and the southern gate there was named St Anthony’s Port, from its proximity to the establishment
The lofty steeple was long a conspicuous object; but in the siege of Leith in 1559-60 it was beaten down by an English eight-gun battery, as we have elsewhere related.
By a charier of Humbertus, Abbot-General of the order in 1446, the Hospitallers at l.etlh did not seem to live very
peaceably together.
The begging Hospitallers of St Anthony are said to have threatened with the “Sacred fire,” or erysipelas, those who failed to give them aims
and hence certain prelates urged Paul III. to abolish them, according
to Emillianas. (” Monastic Orders,”)

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