The History of Leith

March 9, 2011

A Storm and Death

On the 8th and 30th of March, 1625, a dreadful storm raged along the whole east coast of Scotland, and the superstitious Calderwood, in his history, seems to connect it as a phenomenon with the death
of James VI., tidings of which reached Edinburgh on that day. The water in Leith harbour rose to a height never known before; the ships were dashed against each other ” broken and spoiled,” and many skippers and mariners who strove to make them fast in the night were drowned. ” It was taken by all men to be a forerunner of some great alteration. And, indeed, the day following— to wit, the last of March—sure report was brought hither from Court that the King departed this life the Lord’s day before, the 27th of March,”

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