The History of Leith

March 4, 2011

Convention of Leith-1571

During the contention between Morton and the queen’s party, when the former was compelled with his followers to take shelter in Leith, where the Regent Mar had established his headquarters on
the 12th of January, 1571, a convention, usually erroneously called a General Assembly of the Kirk, was convened there, and sat till the Ist of February, and in it David Lindsay, minister of Leith, took a prominent part. The opening sermon on this occasion was lately reprinted by Principal Lee. It is now extremely scarce, and is entitled thus :—
“Ane sermon preichil befoir the Regent and nobiltie, in the Kirk of Ieith, 1571, by David Fergussone, minister of the Evangell at DunfermIyn The sermon approvit by John Knox, with my dead hand but glaid heart, praising God that of His mercy He lenis such light to His Kirk in this
M’Crie says that the last public service of Knox was the examination and approval of this sermon.

source-Old and new Edinburgh

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