The History of Leith

February 26, 2011

The building of the Leith Tolbooth by Mary,Queen of Scots

” To the Provost, Bailies, and Counsale of Edinburgh
“Forasmcikle as we have sent our requisite
sundry times to >ou, to permit the inhabitants of
our town of Leith to big and cdifie ane hous of
justice within the samyn, and has received no
answer from you, and so the work is steyit and
ce»?!t HI your default.
“Wherefore we charge you, that ye permit oursai.
l :c»n of Leith to big and edifie ane said hous
of justice within cur said town of Leith, and make
no step or impediment to them to do the samyn;
for it is our will that the samyn be biggit, and that
ye desist from further molesting them in time
coming as we will answer to as thereupon,
“Subiscribit with our hand at Holy rood House,
the Ist day of March, this year of God 1563.

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