The History of Leith

February 16, 2011

New Book of Leith Odes

80 Copies are due by end of February.
Orders now being accepted.
“How did oor sister git here ma?” I then began to ask,“She cam oot o the doctor’s bag. “Or “Be quiet an dinna fash”. So many ways how she arrived, the stories never stopped, until I got involved with girls and then the penny dropped.
Up ‘Lindsay Road’ and ‘ower the brig’ to visit Bow-Tow land; where another tongue is spoken that is hard to understand. They shout at us “Leith Keelies get ye back frae whaur ye kem.” “An` dinna steal oor lassies, thae belang tae oor ain men”
‘Pearie and whip’ and ‘kick the can’, the ‘guiders’ and the ‘girds’, `two balls’, and ‘wee heedies’ and at times we looped wee birds. ‘Diablo’ and ‘dodgy, which seem tame to kids to-day, and without T.V., or cell phones, or electronic games to play,
Then Jean and Jimmy sit by the fire, with the coals all glowing red, a cup of tea and a wee bit chat, before they go to bed. With his piece all made, and the fire backed up, the clock hands show eleven, the alarm clock set for 6 o’clock, cause faither starts at seven.
Insurance men came round the doors selling ‘penny policies’, bamboozling all the working folk with their great philosophies. They sold five year endowments for a shilling every week, saying when their policy matured, fifteen pounds they would reap.
The book, A5, contains 130 pages of Odes (94 in total) that cover all aspects of living, playing and even birth and death seen through the eyes of a child in Leith of the mid 20th century.

Peter Sellar (Canada) compiled 95 percent of the contents with a few of us contributing the rest.

Cover design and layout by Jack Mackenzie of New Zealand.

This new book of photos and odes is a splendid collection……….rekindles memories whilst offering fresh insights into the haunts and lives of lively Leithers…….weaves an amazing journey through a century of change in the old port…… ..humour and pathos cleverly combine to encourage readers onward to read another line.

Revd Ian Y. Gilmour, South Leith Parish Church

…….. trove of information…packed with detail, moments of wry smiles, irreplaceable memories, fond recollections and poignancy which cannot fail to hit the spot with any reader…….as well as reading it yourself, share it with the younger generations too so that they can learn to feel their heritage!
Ruth Patterson
Great grandaughter of Henry Robb

The prices are £5.00 +
p&p £1.00 UK – £4.00 Overseas.

Payments can be made by PayPal, Cheque or International Bankers Order.
Sterling only please.
John Stewart, 32 Corston Park, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 5NT

N.B. No profit will be accrued from this venture, however monies recovered from sales will go towards offsetting yearly cost of maintaining the website.

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Typical Odes Snippets

This little 130 page book of 94 odes was the idea of John Stewart our Webmaster, who felt that our experiences while growing up in our beloved Leith should not be lost in the mists of time. When John asked me to join the project I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea, however the more I got involved the more old childhood memories came to the fore and if it does the same to the reader then John has accomplished his mandate in keeping the old streets and customs of Leith alive. Peter Sellar, Mississauga, Canada, February 2011.

This little book on the Port of Leith, will bring back memories of old,
and our webmaster John Stewart felt the stories should be told.
The histrionics are in ode form, just a bunch of little rhymes,
that will take you back in memory, of some sad and happy times.
So get your copy before they’re gone, we‘re sure they will not last.
Then put your feet up by the fire and put it to the test.
And if it brought back memories of a Keelie long ago,
Then John has met his mandate so please write and let him know

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