The History of Leith

January 26, 2011

The Charter for the building of the Leith Tolbooth

” Forasmeikle as we have send our requeiste sundry times unto zow, to permit oure inhabitants of oure town of Leith, to big and edifie our hous of justice within the samyn, and his resavit na anser fra zow, and sua the wark is steyit and cessit in zowr defalt: Quhairfor we charge
zow that ze permit oure said inhabitants of oure said town of Leith, to big and edifie our said hous of justise, within oure said town of Leith, and mak na stap nor impediment to thame to do the samyn, for it is oure will that the samyn be biggit, and that ze desist fra further molesting of them in tyine cuming, us ze will anser to us thairupon.
Subscrivit with dure hand at Hallyrud-hous, the first day
of March, this zeir of God 1563. MARIA R”

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