The History of Leith

January 26, 2011


James, youngest son of Robert III. and afterwards James I., when
on his way to the Court of France, was, notwithstanding the existence
of a truce between the two countries, seized at Flamborough, and detained in captivity by the English. After being detained a prisoner for eighteen years, he was restored to liberty and a throne, having previously married Jane, daughter of the Earl of Somerset, of whom he had become deeply enamoured while in captivity. The exiled King and his bride landed at Leith on the 20th March 1423,
An immense concourse of all ranks assembled to see the King and his bride, but scarcely had they paid him their congratulations on his return, until one and all began to complain of unrequited services in the royal cause, or of injuries sustained from the more powerful barons, so that the young King sighed for a return to tho quiet of his English prison almost before he had set foot in the capital of his ancestors

source-Tales and Traditions of Leith

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