The History of Leith

January 21, 2011

Alexander III and Edward I

WITH the tragic and untimely death of Alexander III. Scotland was to enter upon a long, cruel, and desolating war to maintain her independence against the aggressive policy of Edward I. During this troubled period prosperity which Alexander III. and his immediate
predecessors, the “Kings of Peace,” had done so much to build up by their wise and friendly policy towards Englarid was completely destroyed. Alexander’s little granddaughter, the Maid of Norway, was the nearest heir to the throne. The Scots agreed with her grand-
Uncle, Edward I., that she should become the bride of his son. Edward, Prince of Wales, and in this way bring about the union of England and Scotland under one sovereign. But this child of many hopes, the little
Miaid, died on the voyage from Norway, leaving to Scotland a disputed succession which gave an opening to the mischievous interference of Edward I. The English king’s attempt to make Scotland a province of England changed the two otherwise friendly countries into bitter foes. The three centuries of devastating wars that followed made Scotland very unlike the happy and prosperous country she was in the days of
Alexander III.

Source-The Story of Leith

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