The History of Leith

January 19, 2011

Records where title contains ‘Leith’

AF28 Leith Fishery Office Records 1810-1982
B47 Records of Leith Burgh 1747-1809
BR/ELG Edinburgh Leith and Granton Railway (Formerly Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven Railway) 1835-1848
CE57 Leith Outport and District Records 1694-1993
CH2/236 Leith, St John’s Kirk Session 1773-1956
CH2/621 Records of North Leith Kirk Session 1493-1966
CH2/692 Records of Leith, Saint Thomas’ Kirk Session 1841-1975
CH2/716 Records of South Leith Kirk Session 1448-1989
CH2/1504 Records of Leith (St Paul’s) Church of Scotland 1881-1998
CH3/211 Leith Free St. John’s Church 1824-1956

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