The History of Leith

January 18, 2011

Sir James Sandilands and The Temple

We are certain that the conversion of Sir James Sandilands, or, as he was termed, the Lord Sanct John of Jerusalem in Scotland, was followed by his surrender to the Crown of the whole possessions of the combined Templars and Hospitallers.” Dr Burnes adds in a note
—Sir James Sandilands only followed the fashion (?) of the time, and the reader will find his motives and proceedings explained in an authentic family document, printed from a manuscript copy in the Advocates’ Library, in a little work named ‘ Templaria;’ Edinburgh,
1828. We extract from it the following account of the surrender of the Preceptory
—•’ He personally compeirit in presence of the Queen’s Majiestie, the Lord Chancellor, the Earles of Murray, Marischall, and diners vtheris of her hiehnes privy council, and ther as the only lawful undoubted titular and present possessor of the Lordship and Preceptorie of Torphephen, which was never subject to any charter or conuent whatsomever, except only the Knights of Jerusalem and Temple of Soloman, genibus flexis et rcverentia qua decuit, resigned and ouergave in the hands of our Soveraine Ladye, his undoubted superior., ad perpetuam rcmanentiam, all right, property, and possession, which he had, or any wav could pretend to the said Preceptorie, or any part thairof, in all tyme cuming
After this resignation in the Queen’s Majestic’s hands, ad remanentiam, of his benefice, be the lawful titular thairof, her Hyeness, in remembrance of the good service of the said Sir James Sandilands, gaue and granted and disponed, in few-farme heritably to the said Sir
•lames, his heirs and assigns, all and haill, the said Preceptorie and Lordship.”

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