The History of Leith

January 7, 2011

The Tug “Firefly”

Few of the ships from the Victoria Yards had more hair-raising
experiences than the ” Firefly,” the first of a numerous series built to
re-equip the Manchester Ship Canal Company’s fleet.
During a heavy attack by enemy aircraft on Manchester, ” Firefly,”
equipped as a fire fighter as well as a tug, played her part in dealing with dockside outbreaks. The attack subsided and the crew turned in for a rest. In the morning, the first on deck was staggered to see that a huge mine, attached to a parachute, had landed gently on the vessel without being felt and had been there all night while the crew slept peacefully below it. Happily, the unwanted visitor was removed before it could cause damage.

source-Leith Built ships on War Service

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