The History of Leith

December 28, 2010


H.M.S. ” Windrush ” and H.M.S. ” Glenarm “-two more Leith Frigates—were presented to the Free French and became respectively
” L’Aventure ” and ” Strule.”

M.V. ” Cubahama.” The building and delivering of this fine 15-knot ship to her United States owners in 1938 caused a mild furore in British
shipbuilding circles. Built specially for the West Indies banana trade, this ship was requisitioned by the Air Branch of the U.S. Navy and eventually purchased outright and re-named ” U.S. Kaula.” Whilst attached to the Naval Air Arm, the ship rendered very useful service in the Pacific campaigns and took part in some epoch-making battles.
This means that Robb ships are now serving in no fewer than six Allied Navies—the Royal Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, the United States Navy, the Free French Navy, and the Chinese Navy, giving fine support for their merchant ships carrying supplies across every ocean.

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