The History of Leith

December 22, 2010

Team Work

H.M.S. ” Pink ” is another notable example of that fine team work
through which the U-boats were frustrated in the darkest days of the
battle of the Atlantic. In the early summer of 1943 a force of between
twenty-five and thirty submarines concentrated in a narrow lane of the
North Atlantic. Dense fog and icebergs provided trouble in the early
part of the voyage, and when the weather cleared there were lengthening nights and bright moon to add to the trouble. Coastal Command aircraft first found the enemy and sank two of the three U-boats sighted. H.M.S. ” Pink ” was concerned in a battle which lasted several days, during which more U-boats were destroyed and the remainder driven off, and the whole convoy saved from harm.
Near Christmastide in the same year ” Pink,” in company with other corvettes, was in a similar battle which lasted for two days and
nights, and during which no fewer than five submarines were damaged
or destroyed. On the morning of the second day a Coastal Command
Liberator aircraft was so severely damaged by the gunfire of a submarine which it was shadowing that it had to descend on the sea. Her signal for help brought a ready response from ” Pink,” which was
detailed to go to the rescue. Happily she arrived before the aircraft
could sink and took all the survivors safely on board, although the sea
was very rough at the time.

While on this strenuous work she completed three yearly crossings
of the Atlantic in all weathers.

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