The History of Leith

December 13, 2010


SEVERAL of Leith’s former industries have paused out of existence in the Port. Thus, for instance,although Leith does an enormous business in the rectifying, blending, bonding, and exporting of spirits, yet there are nowadays no distilleries within the bounds of the Port
Nor does it now contain a single working brewery.Enormous quantities of ale are exported from Leith to nearly every country in the world, but none of it is brewed in Leith itself. It is all made in Edinburgh, which, with its twenty-four breweries, is the principal centre of the brewing industry in Scotland.
Leith used to possess a nourishing cane sugar refining business, but it is many a day since the last of the Port’s sugar refineries closed down. This was the sugar-house in Breadalbane Street, which in its palmy
days carried on an extensive trade, turning out two hundred and fifty tons of refined sugar every week

Another industry which flourished in Leith for two centuries was the glass-bottle trade. Our record shows us that in 1777 there were almost sixteen thousand hundredweights of bottles made in Leith. The remains of one of the old cones or furnaces may still be seen in
Salamander Street, which owes its arresting name In what was once its chief industry.

Source-The Story of Leith,1922

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