The History of Leith

December 10, 2010


I recall the old man on a visit to Leith when I was of very tender years. He rose early on Sunday morning as was his ” wunt,” and with
me for guide he took a ” country walk ” on Easter Road. The red-tiled cottages, with their little patches of flower gardens, showed prettily in the morning sun, but he heard the sound of the brushing of boots, and he was grieved beyond measure. ” Isna’ that awfu’ ” he said to me, aged six, and—little hypocrite1 that I was—I said “Awfu’.” But there was worse to come. On the part of the road before Quarryholes Cottage, and just where many years after a great rick fire took place—a whole harvest being destroyed—there met us a tramp-
—a town tramp, bold, assertive, and importunate

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