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December 9, 2010

“Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland”

Hi. Please sign our petition to the Scottish Parliament – “Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland”
(and forward this email to lots of people)
Currently there are 3 large waste incineration plants in Scotland, with proposals for a further 16. Collectively they would burn upwards of 2 million tonnes of waste each year. This will undermine recycling, add to global warming, destroy resources and pollute the air, land and water.
Incineration recovers only a tenth of the energy used to make the products in our rubbish. It also wastes money, as it is the most expensive form of waste treatment by far.
Additionally, there are proposals for 5 very large biomass-powered generators. These would burn around 5 million tonnes of fuel annually, consisting mostly of imported virgin timber. As with waste incineration, this will produce large quantities of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
With these concerns in mind, we call on the Scottish Government to ban waste incineration and large-scale biomass burning, and instead to invest much more in reducing, reusing and recycling. For futher information, including how to sign the petition, click here –
N.B. Signatures on the Scottish Government’s e-petition website must be registered by 20 December.
Many thanks for your support !!!!

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