The History of Leith

December 2, 2010

Robert the Bruce and Holyrood

The name of Robert the Bruce, the conqueror of Edward at Bannockburn, is connected with Holyrood after he had won the Scottish throne. In 1326, he is stated to have held a Parliament in the Monastery. It was probably only a council of nobles, for during this
year a National Assembly was held at Cambuskenneth Abbey, important in the political history of Scotland as being the first at which a representation of the Commons attended. There were not likely to be two National Assemblies iii the same year. During the year in which
Bruce died, there are two grants from the Scottish Exchequer for Holyrood: one for kitchen utensils, and the other for wine; 2 from which it may be inferred that the Court had taken up its abode in the Abbey. If this be so, Robert the Bruce was the first King of Scotland who lived at Holyrood.


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