The History of Leith

November 17, 2010

The wine tax

26th December 1644.—Mr James Sharpe our Pastor and Moderator declared that he had spoken with the Provost and Toun Council of
Edinburgh concerning ye impost of ye wyne and yat yei were willing that our Sessione should seek a compt yrof and receive it from the
Bailies for ye repairing of Our Church Steiple and uyrs.
(Note.—The wine tax has been referred to above, and also the reluctance on the part of the Edinburgh Town Council to pay the same to the Session. Under their charter the Session were empowered to levy £4 Scots, or 6/8 sterling, 0n every tun of wine vended in Leith. A similar privilege had been enjoyed by the monks of St. Anthony. In 1677 the wine tax was let, and its collection ceased altogether about 1715. If the impost could be revived it would be highly productive
to the present generation.)

source-South Leith Records

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