The History of Leith

November 9, 2010

LEITH DISPENSARY AND HUMANE SOCIETY.(The forerunner of Leith Hospital) 1829

The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melville.
One vacant
The Right Honourable the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.
One vacant.
John Hope, Esq. Solicitor-General.
The Senior Magistrate of Leith.
Sir John Hay, Bart.
Sir William Arbuthnot, Bart.
Ordinary Directors,
The Master of the trinity House of Leith.
The Master of the Merchant Company of Leith.
The Master of the Maltmen of Leith.
The Convener of the Trades of Lcith.
James Reoch
Robert Menzies
William Alexander
John Mackie
Patrick Borthwick
Patrick Lindesay
James Spittal
Charles White
George Carstairs
Robert Grieve
David MacLagan, M. D.
Christopher Wood
Extraordinary Directors.
The Rev. the Ministers of South and North Leith, of all denominations.
William Newbigging
William Thorburn
William Wood
John Hay
Adam Duff
Robert Coldstream
James Nairne, W.S.
William Mowbray
James Scarth
James B. Scott
Duncan Matheson
Rev. Dr Andw. Thomson
Medical Committee.—George Kellie, M. D., Charles Anderson, M. D., Charles Cheyne, J. S. Combe, M. D.
Henry Johnston, Treasurer.
Andrew Snody, S.S.C. Secretary.
William Waddell and John M’Kean, Auditors.
Archd. C. Ross, Assistant and Apothecary.
John Bell and Mrs Bell, Apparatus and House Keepers.
Society’s Rooms, 17. Broad Wynd.
This Institution affords medicines and medical aid to the
diseased poor, gratuitously; and the means of resuscitation
to persons apparently drowned.

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