The History of Leith

November 8, 2010

THE CHURCH FABRIC.South Leith Parish Church

The Old Church needed a steeple, and in 1615 one was set up. It endured till 1674 when it had to be rebuilt, on which occasion a new clock was added and bells. This is no doubt the tower shown in our illustration (see image South Leith Church 1836). It endured till 1836, when it departed somewhat from the perpendicular and had to be taken down. Twelve years later—in 1848—the church was practically rebuilt. The stone pillars and arches remain undisturbed where
they have long stood, but the walls have been rebuilt, the present square tower was constructed unfortunately too much after the
model of the old one, for it has not much to commend it in the way of gracefulness or elegance. Better judgment was forthcoming when the new roof was under consideration. It was constructed on the style of the roof of the Church of St Isaac in St Petersburg (now believed to be Westminster Hall), and is in every way a handsome example of church woodwork. Each of the cross beams is embellished with an angelic figure exhibiting a scroll on which is a text of scripture. The
height of the roof is somewhat against its being readily noticed, but it is always an object of genuine admiration.

source-The Parish Church of South Leith-William Hudson 1909

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