The History of Leith

November 8, 2010


It may be expedient at this point to conclude our notes of the alterations. The fabric of the church has remained practically unchanged since 1848, with the exception that an enlargement
of the session house at the west end has been made. It is no improvement to the symmetry of the church as seen from “the
Kirkgate entrance. In 1886 an organ was obtained, and in 1894 the church was entirely re-seated, modern pews taking the place of the
old high-backs with doors. A handsome new pulpit, the gift of Mr Charles Combe, was placed beside one of the pillars on the south
west. It took the place of a charming survival of a bygone day, which with two staircase—one of which was quite unnecessary—stood
in the middle of the church about twenty feet in front of the west gallery—now the choir and organ loft. The old arrangement was such
that about 200 people, oould not by any possibility see the occupant of the pulpit.
The Rev. Dr Mitchell gave to the church a marble communion table, while the alterations were in progress in 1891 A marble baptismal
font and a lectern (eagle pattern) have since been given.

source-The Parish Church of South Leith-William Hudson 1909

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