The History of Leith

October 25, 2010

Leith in prehistoric and Roman Times-Part 1

THE story of some of our Scottish towns is comparatively easy to write because they have their origin in modern times, and consequently the records of their history are usually both full and complete. But Leith is not one of these towns. It is a town of ancient
origin, its beginnings taking us far back into the years of past time, and its story, in the earlier years of its history, has to be laboriously sought in many an old charter or other document.
From these documents we learn that as far back as eight hundred years ago Leith was a thriving village. Its houses nestled along the mouth of the Water of Leith, just where the Shore now stands. Unfortunately, we know very little of this old villags, for it never entered into the thoughts of the monks—who were the only chroniclers of those days—that future generations would be interested in knowing something of the Leith of their days and the life of its inhabitants.

Source-The Story of Leith

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