The History of Leith

October 19, 2010

South Leith and the King James Hospital

8 September 1631.—Ordained ye sessioune to meit on twisday nixt for taking ordour wt ye poore in ye hospitall.

(Note.—King James Hospital was built in the Kirkgate in 1614 on the south side of the Church, and stood there until 1822, when it was demolished and the site added to the church-yard. The building itself measured 56 feet by 30 feet according to Kincaid. The site may still be identified by the line of tombs extending into the churchyard, the houses in Lawrie Street probably being the line of the south boundary. The hospital existed for the accommodation of the poor of the three incorporations, crafts, traffickers, and maltmen, the last of these claiming the greatest right in it. Hence we have the three masters. The mariners had a hospital of their own in the Trinity House.
“Hospital” in early times meant poorhouse or almshouse

Source-South Leith Records

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