The History of Leith

October 7, 2010

To authorise the construction of Street Tramways in certain parts of Edinburgh Leith and Portobello and for other purposes

[ROYAL ASSENT 29in JUNE 1871.]
WHEREAS the laying down in certain streets in this Act Preamble.
mentioned in the royal burgh city county of the city and county
of Edinburgh town and port of Leith and burgh of Portobello and
their respective suburbs of Tramways to be worked by animal
power only and constructed so as not to impede or injure the
ordinary traffic of the streets would be of great local and public
And whereas it is expedient that the persons hereinafter named
with others should be incorporated into a Company and should be
empowered to lay down and maintain the several street Tramways
ia this Act particularly described : , ,;-,; >/
And whereas plans and sections showing the lines and levels
of the Tramways and works by this Act authorised and the lands to
he taken for the purposes thereof and books of reference to those
15 plans containing the names of the owners or reputed owners lessees
or reputed lessees and occupiers of those lands have been deposited….

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