The History of Leith

October 2, 2010

The Faithful Lovers

This is a story of old North Leith. Many years ago Thomas Drant lived there with his wife and daughter. The Daughter Jeanie was very attractive and had many suitors however she only considered marrying one of two suitors. One was John Heriot a Master Mariner and the other was Robert Williamson who was a vinter from Edinburgh.

Jeanie’s parents preferred Robert Williamson who brought them many gifts on many a winters night. John Heriot brought curiosities for Jeanie from around the world each time he returned to port.

This carried on for some until Robert proposed marriage but was turned down as she was already engaged to John Heriot and she wouldn’t break it off

From that point Thomas Drant started to think of ways of getting John Heriot out of the way. However John was a new ship which was ordered to go to Africa and to trade along the coast. The trip was to last nine months and on his return he was to marry Jeanie.

Time dragged on nine months pasted then a year and then thirteen months news arrived that John Heriot had been killed by African natives while he traded with them. The Robert wiliamson was very kind to her, saying all the right things. However Jeanie had a dream that John Heriot wasn’t dead but was a prisoner. She put of any thought of marriage and a ship captained b a friend of John Heriot was sent to find him

Now in Leith lived the Sister Todd a famous family of Witches and they confirmed that John was still alive. Eventually the “Bonny Belle” returned to Leith from Africa and Jeanie rushed down to the Shore to discover John Heriot had returned safe and well.

It turned out that Robert Williamson had placed two of his men on board John Heriot’s ship with orders to kill him. However one evening the went ashore beat him and left him for dead and it was the natives who saved him. Through the long months he pretended that he could speak to her and that is why according to the story she was dreaming of him.

Robert Williamson escaped justice because of a lack of evidence but was later executed for another crime.

source-Tales of Old Leith

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