The History of Leith

September 30, 2010

Dalkeith Country Estate

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(c) John Arthur

Dalkeith Palace / Dalkeith House

Parts of Dalkeith Palace date back to a 12th Century castle. Anne of Buccleuch, the first Duchess of Buccleuch, commissioned James Smith, Scotland’s leading architect at the time, to build the house in it’s present form during the period of 1701-1711. The George IV addition was built prior to George IV’s Stay at Dalkeith Palace on his first visit to Scotland in 1832. He used the Music Room to receive Scottish Noblemen and dignitaries. The House was last used as the Buccleuch Family Residence prior to WWI and during WWII, it was used to billet soldiers of the Polish Free Army. In 1970, it was let to International Computers Ltd. Since 1986, it has been let to the University of Wisconsin for a study abroad programme. Unfortunately the Palace is not open to the Public. for more click here

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