The History of Leith

April 21, 2010

The Ritchie Memorial-The Dean Cemetery Edinburgh

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(c) John Arthur

John Ritchie (3 February 1778 – 21 December 1881) was a Scottish newspaper owner. He was born at Kirkaldy, Fife, and at an early age went in service to a small farmer near Largo. Later he returned to Kirkaldy, working as a hand-loom weaver. In around 1800 he moved to Edinburgh (where his younger brother William was training in the law), and established himself as a draper. for more click here

John Ritchie Findlay (21 October 1824 – 16 October 1898) was a Scottish newspaper owner and philanthropist.

He was born at Arbroath, Angus, son of Peter Findlay and was educated at Edinburgh University. In 1842, following the failure of his father’s drapery business, he moved to Edinburgh and joined the publishing office of the The Scotsman newspaper, co-founded and later soley owned by his great-uncle John Ritchie, with whom he initially lived. After a period as a clerk, he moved to the editorial office. for more click here

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