The History of Leith

October 27, 2009


Shirra-brae, Coalhill to King St., D.1827. So called in 1572, t.t.l 219. “Sheref Bray”, 15 Sept. 1574, Irons 1.393. do. ii. 322. “Mansion house commonly called Sheriffbrae”, m.t.c. 30/9/1835, 10/9/1823. “Sherra Brae”, s.s.l. 68. The Sheriff brae,e.a. 6/1/1764. Jas. Logan infest in S. to umq. John L. of Cowstoun, in lands, viz. mansion called the Shrefbrae in Leith: tent. called the Culles: land called the Hauche: lands etc. called the catchpell: land in vennell called the Hill,m.t.c. 14/11/1649

source-Derivation of Edinburgh street names.

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