The History of Leith

September 19, 2009

Campbell’s Close-Canongate,Edinburgh

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(c) John Arthur

Ainslie, Kirkwood, Kerr. Rae’s Close, Can. Chart, 4/10/1773. From Mr. George Campbell, bailie of the Canongate, meal merchant, who owned a tenement on the north side of the Canongate, at Rae’s Close, Prot. J.H. Canong. 9/11/1682; Can. Chart. 10/9/1774. He owned Campbell’s land, east of Reid’s Close, and had two sons, William, merchant in the Canongate and George, LatorProt.J.H. Canong. 9/11/1682, Can. Chart. 10/9/1774. Campbell’s land was occupied later by Arthur Ross, Archbishop of St. Andrews: Col. George Douglas, later 13th Earl of Morton died 1738: James I14th Earl of Morton died 1768: 2nd Archibald Hope, writer Can. Chart. 15/5/1801. By a curious slip Campbell’s land is called ‘Campbell’s London, west of Wadell’s London’,Can. Chart. 19/6/1793. The former name of the Close was Rite’s Close,Can . Chart. 4/10/1773, but the origin is unknown.
Source-Edinburgh Street Derivations

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