The History of Leith

September 19, 2009

Bull’s Close-Canongate,Edinburgh

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(c) John Arthur

o.s. Kerr. Shown as May Drummond’s Close, p. w. list 1779. Drummond’sClose, Ainslie. Drummond’s or Bull’s Close, Kirkwood. Ford’s Row, Can. Chart. 26/8/1868, 22/1/1904. It was named from the property of Robert Bull, wright, burgess of Edinburgh, husband of Jean or Joanna, second daughter of John Wright, former owner. Robert Bull and his wife resigned the property, 11th April 1701, Can. Chart. 31/10/1821. Bull’s land was bought by Peter Lamont, lint manufacturer, husband of Agnes Henderson, at the sale of the estate of the late Mrs. Marion Drummond, Can. Chart. 16/10/1860. It was known in consequence as Lamont’s land, m.t.c. 18/1/1832. The name Drummond’s, or May Drummond’s Close, was derived from the above Marion Drummond. John Carfrae, coachmaker, acquired property, including two small houses, entering from Bull’s Close, owned by the late Miss Mary Drummond, sister of the late George Drummond, late Provost of Edinburgh, Can. Chart. 27/3/1799. She was the preaching Quakeress celebrated by Pope, Spence, and others, Chambers, ii. 50. Her name varies a little: May, Marion, Can. Chart. 11/6/1861, or Mariana,Can. Chart12/6/1833 She owned the tenement in the close, m.t.c. 29/11/1815, as well as other land on the north side of the Canongate, below the church, m.t.c. 5/3/1800, 1/8/1804. A very modem name is Ford’s Row, Can. Chart. 26/8/1868, 22/1/1904,from the houses there owned by Wm. Ford, Holyrood glassworks.
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