The History of Leith

September 18, 2009

New Street-Edinburgh

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(c) John Arthur

Dr. Young’s (House). Edgar. Ainslie. Kirkwood. Kerr. It was a new street about 1760, and was at first called Young Street o.& n.e. ii. 18; Kincaid 107, from the house of Dr. Thomas Young, which appears as one of the additions made to Edgar’s map in 1765 The street was a private one, with posts and chains, till declared a public one in 1786, m.t.c. 19/4/1786, but it remained private in effect till 1819, when power was reserved by the late Dr. Thomas Young representatives to make New Street a public access from the High Street of the Canongate to the road at the foot of the Calton Hill, not, ‘as they please’, Can. Chart. 5/5/1819. The two names appear combined, ‘Dr. Young’s new street in Cannon gate’, m.t.c. 25/1/1826. His name appears in 1773, p.w. 1773, and later as in New Street. He was married to Barbara Gibson.Can. Chart 28/7/1782, but seems to have had no family, his heir being Robert Powley, watchmaker in Appleby, only brother of Thos. Powley, doctor of medicine in Edinburgh, Can. Chart. 26/7/1775. Dr. Young owned property on both sides of the street.
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