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March 12, 2009

Latest news about the Campaign for a Leith Museum?

Dear Supporter of the Campaign for a Leith Museum

Over the last few months, the Leith Museum campaign has been working with a group of experts who have been working up proposals for how Custom House in Commercial Street could become the location of our planned Museum. Work is still going on, but we expect to be publishing and presenting a report in the next few weeks.

What is very encouraging is the more work we have done, the more that Custom House seems to be a practical and realistic possibility. There is still a way to go, and of course we have to get the agreement of National Museums of Scotland who currently own the building, but I honestly believe we are nearer to getting a museum in Leith than ever before.

News about our report will be put up on our website when we have more details.

If you are a supporter of our campaign and live in Leith, we’re keen to get support in a number of ways. We are setting up a stall at the Leith Festival Gala Day, Saturday June 13th. We need volunteers to help staff that – if you can help even if only for an hour or so, your help would be most welcome. Let us know!

We are also looking for anyone with experience and the time to help us – on a voluntary basis – with our publicity and promotion. We are particularly keen to get help from anyone with PR experience, and web design experience. Again, do let us know if you think you can help.

We have recently produced a newsletter and petition form which is available in paper form. If you would like copies to distribute to your friends or organisation, send an email to with your address and the number of copies you would like. Signatures on our e-petition, which you have signed, are of course always welcome!

Thanks again for your support

Mark Lazarowicz MP

Chair, Campaign for a Leith Museum

The Campaign for a Leith Museum is now on Facebook

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