The History of Leith

February 11, 2009

Baptism -at South Leith

Something to Celebrate!
Sunday 22nd Feb
For approximately 400 years thousands and thousands of foreheads have been marked with water, in the shape of the cross, at our church. That water has been taken from the beautiful silver baptism bowl which itself dates back over 500 years. and the words used “you are baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” date ba further 2000 years to the instruction Christ gave his followers to go and baptise in his name. Quite a heritage
when you think about it and definitely something to celebrate!

In this year of celebrations we are going to mark the mportant role of baptism in the church’s life by inviting as many people as possible to a special 11 am service on Sunday 22nd Feb. During this service people will be invited to remember their baptism and the part it played in their lives.

We want to see an abundant bundle of baptised South Leithers sitting in the pews that Sunday. That means our regulars and the not so regulars, those who come every week and those who haven’t been for a long time, those who live on the doorstep and those who live some distance away. We reckon if everyone who was baptised in last 90- 100 years was able to come along there might be 20,000 people at church that day. But how can we let everyone know? We’ve had items in the press and we’ve put up posters, but there are so many people to reach and our records don’t show us their current addresses. So, we need your help. We need you to help us spread the word – Were your relatives baptised here? Do you think your neighbour might have been? The Leith network spreads all over the world and we want to tap into it and invite people to come along and be part of a very special and unique celebration.

We want to discover if Barbara Chalmers (nee Constable) who was born on 27 November 1914 is the oldest living person who was baptised at South Leith? If you know different get in touch. We want to find the family who have the greatest number of generations who were all baptised here. So get the bush telegraph working, make that phone call, write that letter or email, and help us let as many people as possible know that we want to them come and celebrate their baptism in this our 400th birthday year.

Louise Duncan

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