The History of Leith

November 29, 2008

Jackson Close-High Street,Edinburgh

(c) John Arthur

John Jackson owned property in the close, Prot. J. W.2, 3/8/1751. Robert Jackson of Loch-houses owned property close by, between the two Fleshmarket gates, Prot. W.F.8, 30/10/1758. John Jackson acquired a tenement in Jackson’s Close from Edward Dougal, which was inherited by his son John, and later by his grandson, also John, who acquired additional property there, Prot. W.F. 7, 3/7/1755. A tenement on the west side of the close, owned formerly by John Jackson, was owned later by his children, Mr. John, Rachel, jannet, Hellen, and Elizabeth, Prot. W.F.1, 13/8/1746, and a family of Jacksons, two sisters and a brother, sold some property at the head of the close to the town in 1893.

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