The History of Leith

November 22, 2008


(c) John Arthur

Vicus Needrisij, Gordon. Nidrie’s Wynd, Edgar. Niddry’s Wynd, Ainslie 1780. Niddery Street, Ainslie 18O4. Niddrie. Wynd, Kerr. Now represented by Niddry Street, which is, however, a good deal further east than the old wynd, due to the changes made in building the South Bridge, St. CH. 21. It is mentioned in a charter of 3rd October 1477, M.8., c.2. as ‘Nudreis Wynd’. The name is doubtless connected with Robert Niddry, magistrate in 1437, o.& n.e. ii. 241. The Rev. Dr. Butler states that the Wauchopes of Niddry had their town mansion in the wynd, Tron Kirk 48, but no authority is quoted for either statement. Niddry Street stretched itself across the Cowgate, and captured Aitkin’s Close, giving it the name of South Niddry Street, m.t.c. 9/12/1818. The name varies a little in form-Nidery’s, M.216, Nidrie’s, Edgar, Nithrie’s, Prot. J. W.3, 29/12/1752, and Nethery’s, Prot. A. W. 7, 25/1/1725, but nothing has been found to give the true derivation.

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