The History of Leith

November 20, 2008

A walk down Candlemaker Row

(c) John Arthur

Prot. 24/1/1735, o.g.h. 10. From the Hall of the corporation of Candlemakers. In the first stair-tower, west side, as one descends, coat of arms over the door, o.& n.e. ii. 267. Street now so called, made 1612, Maitland 58. See Loaning under Appx. Incorporation of Candlemakers intended to make structural alterations, m.t.c. 3/5/1826. Advertisement of feus, mention of ruinous candleshop, north of cast entry to Greyfriars, m.t.c. 26/6/1838. Lands of “societias Candelariorum” there. Alias Society Wynd Prot. (;.H.8, 7/10/1728, 29/4/1724). Ruinous candleshops near the Society Port, below entry to Greyfriar’s Churchyard, Prot. 17/8/1721. ‘Candlemakerrow Street’, Reg. 31/12/1857. Candlemaker row on west side of “societatis venellae opposite societai” on south side of entry to Greyfriar’s Churchyard. Bounded by said yard on West: by Society Wynd on east. ‘I’ent. of Wm. Wilson, candlemaker on south: of (blank) Alexander candlemaker, on north. A whole lot of candlemakers all around, Prot. G.H.4, 11/9/1711. Candlemaker row seems to have been, at first, the row of candlemaking workshops on the west side of the Society Wynd, Prot. G.H.8, 7/10/1728. Vennel called C.maker row, Prot. G.H.8, 7/10/1728.

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