The History of Leith

November 19, 2008

Blackfriar’s Street

(c) John Arthur

Formerly Wynd; earlier Preaching friars’ vennel, leading to the Monasterv of the Black, or Dominican friars, on south side of the Cowgate, o.& n.e. 1. 258. Founded by Alexander 11, 1230, Anderson 6,N.1. “Le frere” or Blackfriars Wynd John Foular. Before 1513 “Predicant friars”, m.t.c. 17/1/1821. Blackfriars’ Wynd, c. c. 506, 3/6/1483, Wm. Cunninghame’s lands on e.s. of the “blak frier” Wynd sometimes pertaining to the blakfriers of this burgh,m.t.c. 25/7/1601.

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