The History of Leith

October 4, 2008

St Triduana’s Aisle

(c) John Arthur

It was of course due to the relics of St Triduana and the healing well of St Triduana being at Restalrig which led to Restalrig being a centre of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages which made Restalrig rich and famous and attracted Royal Patronage through James III, James IV and James V with the development of the shrine of St Triduana into a Collegiate Church and the building of the Chapel Royal the bottom part of which can still be seen in the Churchyard of St Margaret’s Church and is seen as a hexagonal shaped building with a statute of St Triduana on top. In fact the bottom part was called was a reliquary and would have been the place where the relics of St Triduana would have been kepted

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