The History of Leith

October 2, 2008

Duddingston Church


Duddingston is a former village in the east of Edinburgh, Scotland, next to Holyrood Park.

The settlement dates from when Duddingston Kirk was built, in 1124. It was founded by a Norman knight named Dodin, hence the name Duddingston, from “Dodin’s toun”. The kirk was built on lands gifted to the Abbot of Kelso Abbey by King David I in the early 12th century. The original name before Dodin took over, was Treverlen, which persisted into the 13th century as the name of the parish. Treverlen is thought to come from Old British (Brythonic) “traefor llyn” meaning settlement by the lake (loch) of reeds and/or rushes. The last Celtic owner of the land was Ulvien the White around 1110. for more click here

Duddingston Kirk is a Parish Church in the Church of Scotland, located adjacent to Holyrood Park in Duddingston Village, on the east side of the City of Edinburgh. Regular services are held at the Kirk, conducted by the minister, Rev Dr James A. P. Jack (from 2001). for more click here

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