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June 11, 2008

60 years of the NHS

5 July 2008 marks the 60th Anniversary of the NHS. This website takes a historic journey to show you how the NHS in Scotland has developed over the years. Take a trip through time to see how it has touched the lives of each and every one of us. for more click here

A new web resource charting the history of the NHS in Scotland has been set up to mark the 60th anniversary of the health service.

The first phase of the site, launched today, provides a new resource for people to use – and a springboard to help them find out more from the wide range of archives, sources, collections and other activities across Scotland.

The site will be updated before the actual anniversary date on July 5 with more stories from patients and staff and features on how the service has evolved over six decades.

It aims to help young and old, those wanting a quick glance and those with a more serious interest in family, social and health history of Scotland.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is a fascinating story. Most of us have only ever known a Scotland that has an NHS. A high quality, publicly-owned service which is free to everyone at the point of delivery.

“Scotland has made unique contributions to improving health internationally. It also provided earlier state-funded models for the NHS.

“We have much to be proud of. It is important that people know the story of our health service and that will help us look to the future.”

source-Scottish Parliament

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