The History of Leith

May 20, 2008

The Pilgrim’s Routes and the Order of Malta

Born in Palestine to assist and defend pilgrims, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem’s vocation rapidly expanded to cover not only those coming to the Holy Land but all those making a Pilgrimage to one of the major sanctuaries of Christendom.
Both J. Riley Smith and A. Luttrell have pointed out how in 1113, the year in which Paschal II formally recognised it, the Order was already running hospices in Asti, near the Alpine passes, and in the Ports of Pisa, Bari, Otranto, Taranto and Messina. Just as the seats of the four Italian Priories were situated in the crucial points of contact between Italy and the Holy Land: Venice, Pisa, Barletta and Messina. for more click here

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