The History of Leith

May 10, 2008


Since the chapel of ST. ANTONY on the Rock (in Ruppe) near the town of Edynburgh and in the territory of Dudyngston, St. Andrews diocese, is so s1ightly endowed that at present it does not have vestments, ecclesiastical ornaments and other things by means of which the divine office may be maintained, and it is in need of great repairs,* so that unless it is more fully succourcd by the help of the Pope and the alms of Christs faithful it, cannot be kept in existence (non potest in esse conservari) nor can divine worship he maintained. But since every year,in the Feasts of the Exaltation of the cross, Good Fridav and the least of St. Anthony, patron of the chapel a great multitude of people is wont to flow to the said chapel for the sake of devotion, therefore W.Abbot of the Monastery of Kelkow O.S.B., said diocese, supplicates that to all Christs faithful, devoutly visiting the said chapel and holding out helping hands for its sustentation and reparation, the Pope de vera indulgencia would relax seven years and as many quarantines of enjoined penance for ten years in the foresaid feast days and others wont to be given in the Apostolic Chancery
Given at Rome, St Peters 8th April 1426 by Pope MARTIN V
It is from this document that we know that the Chapel of St Anthony on Arthur Seat belonged to Kelso Abbey

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