The History of Leith

April 26, 2008


In Celtic polytheism, a druid was a member of the priestly and learned class in the pre-Christian, ancient Celtic societies. These societies existed through much of Western Europe, Britain and Ireland, until they were supplanted by the Roman government and, later, the arrival of Christianity. Druids were part of the cultures of the tribal peoples who were called “Keltoi” (Κέλτοι) or “Keltai” (Κέλται) and “Galatai” (Γαλάται) by the Greeks and “Celtae” and “Galli” by the Romans. These words evolved into the modern English terms “Celtic”, “Gaulish”, and “Galatian”. In the communities they served, druids combined the duties of priest, arbitrator, healer, scholar, and magistrate. Both men and women served as druids. for more click here

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